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Parental Feedback - ‘…writing is improving and behaviour is good…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…really good idea to take the children outside for hands on learning…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…enjoyed watching the children and how the class works…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…great to see the class do practical maths. Love being invited in to see the lesson…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…good lesson and all the children seemed to love it, they had fun whilst learning…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…all the children play so lovely together…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…enjoyed showing me all the things he likes to do in school and enjoyed spending time together…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…child-teacher interaction is brilliant…’
Parental Feedback - ‘…seeing the children enjoying themselves and all being well behaved. Seeing them all playing together…’




Welcome to Maple Grove

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At Maple Grove Primary School, we believe that all children and students have a right to an excellent education in order to give them the best life chances irrespective of race, colour, creed or circumstance. We have high aspirations for our children, staff and communities. At our heart is a dedicated team of staff who are committed to being part of a school that is equipped to enable all staff and students to make outstanding progress.

We believe that obstacles and barriers both real and perceived can be overcome by clear, strategic and targeted support that creates culture change based on sharing good and outstanding practice, collegiality and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This underpins our high expectations and actions, and drives all the staff to provide opportunities for our children to reach the highest possible levels of attainment and achieve exceptionally well in all walks of life.

We believe that outstanding teaching and learning must be central to every decision made and every development introduced.

We are an inclusive, caring school where every child matters. We recognise that all children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and part of our role is to help children to discover these. We challenge and develop our children to become curious, autonomous learners who are inspired and stimulated through a rich and varied curriculum that is appropriate to their individual needs. We develop children’s learning skills and, by setting high expectations and exacting standards, we prepare our children to flourish, and have high self-esteem and self-belief.

We aim to work closely with our parents, other schools and organisations, building partnerships which benefit, not only our children, but others in the wider community, both on a local, national and global level.

Dan Lough



Maple Grove Primary School

Head Teacher : Mr Daniel Lough

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